Participation Parenting

Picture this . . . a Mom and sons learning Tae Kwon Do together.  What are the benefits of participating with your kids and who is in charge during class time you may ask.  Here’s how it benefits the relationship with my sons:

After the boys started taking Tae Kwon Do in April of 2010, my interest grew as I sat and watched.  They were taking the “Little Dragons” class together twice a week.  My motivation for signing them up was to give them the opportunity to learn something together, but my main reason was Continue reading


The Power In A Name

Job and Lizze

My whole life I wanted to be a mother. I cared for my one baby doll as if it were a child. My desire for mothering was intense. After the formalities of getting a college education and a husband were precluded I set my sights on the biggest longing of my heart… a child.

After years of infertility, my husband and I struggled with how we would grow our family. The choices of more infertility treatments and adoption were both viable and expensive. It was during this time that the question was posed to me, Continue reading


Changing Tables, Diapers, and the World (Part 2 of 3)

As a new family, outings are going to be inevitable. I would imagine that outings are an opportunity to do something different for a change.  Of course, the initial outing one takes with a newborn is different just on its own. In my previous article, the normalcy of going to a retail store was novel in of itself.  My introduction to the lack of access to changing tables at a busy, national retail chain seemed surprising. Although the family restroom was closed, the lack of access in the men’s room was additionally difficult.  The following day proved to have even more interesting and new revelations about what it would mean to be an active father of a newborn.

Our second day going out with our brand new, fresh-from-the-package daughter was for a specific and celebratory event. A co-worker of my wife was celebrating their newborn at a baby naming. The trip to my wife’s work was already charged with anticipation. Namely, we were concerned about my wife, Continue reading


Creating a New Familiar

I was totally expecting to marry, continue to live in the burbs, and be a stay-at-home Mom.  That’s what I pictured in my head as I grew up in the burbs of Cincinnati.  It’s what I knew.  It’s the way I thought everyone lived.  NOT!

Little did I know I would marry a Country Boy at heart with the need to farm running through his veins and end up Continue reading


The Son Comes Up – Again.

If your child wants to move back home…

“Ask, will it have it’s advantages? Yes. Will they outweigh the disadvantages…?” (Quote from my spouse)

My husband and I became empty nesters around six months ago. We totally downsized our lives. Yes, we went from a 2500 sq ft., three story home, high taxes, higher prices to a one floor home under 975 sq ft. We were lucky in the recession/depression: we had enough money to pay off every credit card and put a down payment on the smaller home. Continue reading