Cycles Of Abuse Can Be Ended

A conversation with a friend of mine recently caused me to look back on my childhood and, once again, marvel at the blessings that I experienced. Both of my parents were in abusive situations growing up, ranging from moderate to severe treatment by their abusers. Statistically, it would be reasonable to expect that my siblings and I would have been treated similarly.

And yet? We weren’t. I was never beaten, or sexually assaulted, or verbally abused. I wasn’t neglected. My parents are still married. I view this as nothing less than miraculous.

Each of my parents consciously chose not to repeat the mistakes that had been committed in their own lives. No….that’s not right. This is better: each of my parents consciously chose not to repeat the evils that had been committed in their own lives. It can’t have been easy for them, and I am proud of what they accomplished.

Were things perfect and rosy? Heck no! They couldn’t have been with all that baggage on my parents’ shoulders. There were problems and broken relationships along the way. We will never be a “normal” family.

But who does manage to be “normal” anyway? Did you grow up in a home that was always happy? Mostly happy? I figure I grew up in a home full of humans who did the best they could with what they had. I can’t ask for more than that, especially when I look around and see so many others suffering in ways I can only shudder to imagine.

I’m living proof that victims of abuse can overcome the evil, defy the statistics, and end the cycle. Even though home life growing up was imperfect, it certainly didn’t rise to the level of abusive. I wonder if there are other people who had a similar experience. Do you know of someone who broke the cycle?

by AmyL

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