Attached At The Hip

“Can I just have a few more minutes… please?”  My husband is having trouble waking up and jumping into Daddy mode.  He got home just last night from a week-long business trip – the kind where you get to sleep alone in a nice hotel room and go out to dinner with friends after work.  And then there’s the four-hour flight (also alone) round trip to read to your heart’s content, listen to music, or to sleep.  Not that I’m jealous or anything!

I show some compassion and give him an hour, taking our two-year-old upstairs to play.  Most weekends, we like to get up together to start the day because we don’t get to be together as a family very much during the week.  I am aware that my husband and I could be alternating days when we sleep in, each caring for our daughter on different mornings for a couple hours.  The reason this doesn’t work is because our daughter will not relinquish time with Mommy.  I am apparently like air to her.

My husband works incredibly hard.  He often works a 9 or 10-hour day at the office, comes home for dinner with us, and then works several more hours.  What I am envious of is his ability to say “see ya” and head off to the gym or to work.  I crave that solo time.  He knows this and so this morning he tries to reciprocate.  I crawl into bed to finish reading an article that I started last night and he takes our daughter into the next room.

This has definitely been getting much better, now that she likes more imaginative play and is gaining more independence, but mostly from 7am to 7pm, with a nap in between, our daughter is somehow connected to me.  She has a hand on my knee while the other is busy with her crayons and coloring book.  She twists my hair while we are reading a book.  She wants to ride on my back as we walk from room to room. 

My head sinks into the pillow and I am just starting to get absorbed in my reading when I hear little feet running back toward the bedroom.  Did she just climb up onto our bed? Yep, that’s her shoulder in my neck.  Sigh.

by Naomi Wittlin

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Photo graciously provided by zsoltika , through a Creative Commons license, some rights reserved
Naomi Wittlin is a stay at home mom, writer, photographer, and blogger (  She lives in Houston, TX with her husband and daughter.

5 thoughts on “Attached At The Hip

  1. Dave Mark

    I feel similarly. I work out of my house, and my wife works out of her office. While I do not envy her the office experience (I do love my freedom), there are times I miss the solo time, especially when school is closed and the kids are home all day.

    By the way, love your writing. More, please! :)

    1. nshabot Post author

      Do you ever leave to get a cup of coffee and then come back home to work? Brian used to work from home and he always liked when he did that. Sort of like pretending to go to the office. :)

  2. Aunt Val

    Perspective: I feel your frustration. I’m on year 29 of “Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?” from your developmentally delayed cousin who always needs her hand on my arm everywhere we go. (I’ve forgotten how to walk without that weight on my forearm) Add to that 17 years of being a single parent with her and, well you get the picture. You are so very fortunate, my sweet niece. Your 2 year old will be much more independent at 3 and 4 years of age. Then you will have more “me-time” where you can read an entire article uninterrupted. What a luxery! Hang in there you moms of typical two-year olds. It gets better.

  3. Debbie

    Thank goodness for the spouses who go off to work so their partners can stay home and be their child’s first teachers. It will get much better…and a few days a week at preschool will be a blessing.

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