I Want A Forever Family

When I hear the words Forever Parents it brings up warm feelings of family , love, and perseverance.

In May of 2002 Lizzie became part of our forever family. Many parents who have been blessed to have added children to their family through adoption celebrate the day their child officially takes their last name.

In our case it was our second adoption. Having adopted Job eighteen months earlier we were familiar with the adoption proceedings and formalities. But this adoption was different. After the judge declared that Lizzie’s adoption was finalized he asked us if we knew that her adoption story was shared around the country. Of course we had not.

The judge went on to explain that the day Lizzie was placed in our arms six months prior, the judge had also officiated over an adoption of a boy about to turn 18. He asked the boy the same question he asked Lizzie’s birth mom, “Why do you want to be adopted?” The judge went on to explain to the boy, about to become a man, that he was almost 18 and did not need to be adopted.

But the boy countered, “I want a forever family. I want these parents to be my parents forever.” Lizzie’s birth mom had made a similar comment that morning. “I want my daughter to have a mother and a father. I want her to forever be in a full family unit. I want for her what I cannot give her.”

The judge went on to share these stories of adoption in Washington, D.C. at a conference for State Supreme Court Justices. Unbeknownst to the judge, a close family friend of our was a state supreme court judge. She had been at that meeting and remembered hearing the story!

And that is our Forever Family story.

by Warrior Mama

Lisa is a Cincinnati mom who has struggled the last 11 years to give her kids the best education, food and treatments money can buy. Raising special needs kids is taxing emotionally, relationally, financially and physically. Her dream is to break down the walls isolating special needs families and providing them with information to help them achieve their goals. Lisa blogs at Warrior Mama.

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2 thoughts on “I Want A Forever Family

  1. City Chic On a Farm

    Welcome to FP Lisa! Your post brought tears to my eyes and chills throughout my body. Thanks for sharing!

    My longing to know you better gets stronger and stronger with every connection we have.

    ~Hugs~ from the country!

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