Creating a New Familiar

I was totally expecting to marry, continue to live in the burbs, and be a stay-at-home Mom.  That’s what I pictured in my head as I grew up in the burbs of Cincinnati.  It’s what I knew.  It’s the way I thought everyone lived.  NOT!

Little did I know I would marry a Country Boy at heart with the need to farm running through his veins and end up raising three boys on a farm in Indiana.  If someone would have given me a glimps into my future and told me that was the outcome I would have laughed.  Me on a farm!  I don’t think so!

Well here I am.  Ten years later and learning all about living on a farm and creating a new familiar.  Thankfully I’m not to far from my hometown, but I’ll admit heading into the city is a treat now.  Yep a trip into the city is a day trip, and I do everything I can to make it worth while and make my gas count.  I usually even pack a cooler & snacks to save money.

Since farming isn’t something I’m familiar with hubby is taking the lead of  teaching us about farming and country living.  I have to admit it’s interesting to see how a farm is run, the assurance of knowing where the meat comes from that I feed the family, and the peacefulness of the sounds of nature.  I wouldn’t trade this for the world!

Since I grew up in the burbs with a sister and now I’m living in the country with three sons I do what I can with the knowledge I have to be a good Mom.  To me being a good Mom has nothing to do with location, and just because I’m not in the raising my kids in the area I grew up in doesn’t mean I can’t tap into that knowledge and experience of suburban living along the way.  Heck who knows maybe one of the boys will end up living in the city when their grown and feel like a fish out of water.  If so, I’ll be there to help!

Have you had to create a new familiar?

by City Chic On A Farm

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Photo graciously provided by Eduardo Amorim , through a Creative Commons license, some rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Creating a New Familiar

  1. Nancy Swanson

    The opposite for me. I grew up on a farm in Michigan and always thought I would marry a farmer. Instead, I married a city boy (28 years ago)and, except for four years living in a country subdivision, we’ve always lived in cities. Our son lives in Chicago, but he says that someday he wants to be a farmer.

  2. Sara Broers

    I grew up on a farm….married the neighbor boy~ an Iowa farm girl forever!
    I sometimes feel my kids have missed out on some “city” things, but then I realize that they will appreciate the farm life when they are old enough to. And I do believe my 20 year old has reached that point, I think he has enjoyed it.

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