Participation Parenting

Picture this . . . a Mom and sons learning Tae Kwon Do together.  What are the benefits of participating with your kids and who is in charge during class time you may ask.  Here’s how it benefits the relationship with my sons:

After the boys started taking Tae Kwon Do in April of 2010, my interest grew as I sat and watched.  They were taking the “Little Dragons” class together twice a week.  My motivation for signing them up was to give them the opportunity to learn something together, but my main reason was to help aid my middle son, who suffers from anxiety, the opportunity to participate in a sport with the comfort of his brothers beside him.  I knew in my heart he wouldn’t sign up for anything until we built confidence within him.

The training hall where the boys were taking Tae Kwon Do is run by a family in which the kids of the family achieved black belt status as well as Masters (the highest black belt level).  The parents run the business and the kids ages 12 and up volunteer to teach the classes.  Other than the “Little Dragons” class they also had a 90 minute class Monday thru Friday every evening.  As the dragons class would come to a close I would notice the 90 minute class getting ready, and members of the class included all ages.  There were some Moms in there!  Hum.

Thankfully in October of 2010 the training hall offered a Tae Kwon Do Light class that was only 60 minutes long and the timing was perfect, because the boys were ready to move up and leave the dragons class behind.  So I signed up too and we began learning together.

During class the black belt instructor is in charge and I’m a student just like my sons, but I will admit there are times I give them “the eye” if they’re goofing off.

Since we are learning together it gives us something to practice together, talk about, have the same friends, and move up in the belts at the same pace.  We are equal and it gives the boys an opportunity to help Mom if I get behind or don’t understand a kick, punch, or block and they do.  They love that part!

To me this sport, that we can learn as a family, is priceless and we’re creating so many memories as well as adding another dimension to our relationships.  How priceless is that?

by City Chic On A Farm

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