Magic Eraser Burns

Edited to add: If you found us through an email that is circulating please be aware that the author of the article that I link to below did NOT authorize it’s circulation. It does not contain all of the information regarding her experience. Please delete the email. She did not ask that the story (which incidentally is not even the full story) be lifted from her site along with the photos of her kid… (her small child!) and then emailed to strangers worldwide. Please don’t email the author. I even sigh with the comments that I continue to receive on this post, so I can not imagine the way this haunts Kerflop. She’s appears by all accounts to be an exceptionally smart and caring mom who shared her story in effort to simply let people who might not have realized that these sponges are not completely benign. She has many posts on the topic at her site. When I read this one: How To Become Famous Email Forward Style I was filled with anger on her behalf. If you leave a comment here please refrain from name calling. When you express your judgment by cursing or with blatantly mean insults you are not setting a good example for the rest of the human race. There is a lot more to the story than what you’ve read… unless you’ve read this post. That seems like a pretty complete recounting..

Also, Kerflop: Thank you again for sharing your experiences and I apologize most sincerely that the link in this article may have added to the buzz. You rock.

I commented recently about how my kids make cleaning fun by helping wash down walls and chairs and all sorts of things with baby wipes. I didn’t write about how they’ve also occasionally used the magic eraser style cleaning pads to clean the walls and laughed as they disappeared in their hands. My kids have used these magic pads several times. There weren’t warnings on the packages that we had. They did not get hurt.

Please read Kerflop’s post about her son’s burns and what the little guy had to go through after using an Easy Eraser.

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  1. Erica

    I clicked through to see the original article, the photos look awful. This is one area where the internet really comes into its own and having a community of people sharing these stories makes us more aware as parents.

    Thanks Megin and Kerflop for highlighting.

  2. tifany

    i just wanted to thank you for posting your story. i too let my children wash the wall with the erasers. i have read the lable many times, and have never had any trouble with them. however i only let my six year old use them because he know better than to put it in his mouth. when i received this letter, i was thankful, because i was just telling my 3 year old she could help her brother. i would have been horrified if she would have been burned. thank you!

  3. Jan

    Please double check ALL of your facts before posting….this article is from urban legends and folklore. This is JUST a RUMOR about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and all the other brands just like them. There are NO HARSH chemicals in the erasers…..
    Go to this website and check yourself:

  4. Megin Hatch

    Hi Jan-
    Thanks for stopping in, and for taking the time to leave a comment. The link you provided states that the company issued an apology and has since changed it’s packaging. I actually just called the company to get additional information. They state that the packaging ha been updated and that use on the skin (which, in this case was obviously accidental) can absolutely case abrasions and a burning sensation. They recommend washing the are with mild soap for at least 15 minutes.

  5. Val

    Okay now which one is it? Jan say that it is a rumor and then Megan comes back and says that she called the company and it’s true. I will also call the company because I let my daughter use these erasers with me to clean the walls. If this product causes burns, they should be sued for what their product did to those children. And Jan you need to get your information striaght before you go starting rumors saying that it’s not true.

  6. lisa

    for all of the parents. I have two children one 6 and the other 3. I would NEVER allow my children to clean with anythign other than water, and chilrens soap. Children have such delicate skin that they can be irritated more easy than adults. All the parents that let their children use these and any other ADULT cleaning supply I hope that your child is not harmed. Try using products made for children if they want to help clean.

  7. Gan-Ma

    I can’t believe yall let your kids touch anything more then water to begin with. HELLO…..
    any kind of a cleanser is going to have chemicals. That is why they were made, because SOAP & WATER doesn’t cut it. I’m a mother of 3, a grandmother of 8. Two of my oldest grandkids come over once a week to earn some play money. They dust, sweep & mop. They think they are really helping. When they leave I finish up. Keep your little ones to the basics. Hope all of your babies will be okay.

  8. Jen

    Yes this product will burn the skin. My daughter used it to “clean” her arm. She is only two so she didn’t scrub too hard and thankfully I caught her in the act. But her wrist was burned. It looked like a steam burn from boiling water or something similar. The wound was not very bad but it was red and seemed to be painful. This product is great for the walls but I advise keeping away from kids. I learned the hard way.

  9. Tina

    Aren’t all chemical cleaners supposed to be kept out of the reach of children,,,,, not to mention supervised! For the adults complaining about burns, most of us use some sort of gloves before deep cleaning or scrubing for any sort of time. Come on people ,,, common sense..

  10. Amy

    Hell I thought shit if this product can take marker off the walls why not my daughter.. I feel like a completel idiot and her legs looked like hell for months.. NEVER use this product for other than its intended purpose… I wear rubber gloves now when I use them.. Ya never know what could happen.. and for the record My mother who raised 4 children thought it wouldnt harm my daugther either we were both dead wrong.. Savannah is wonderful now but Please folks becareful….

  11. Baren

    Jan, the “myth” part of this is related to formaldehyde being in the Mister Clean sponges, which is not true. The burns are real. The very article you point to says this quite clearly. And yes, children should not be allowed to use chemicals without supervision.

  12. Tara

    The urban legends website is known for jumping on the bandwagon everytime their is a controversy.

  13. Cheri

    Ok, I’m not the most perfect parent like most of the people wanting to leave comments on here. I keep my sponges altogether and don’t think about my kids trying to eat them or whatnot. I’ve not had this happen to me, and will move my sponges to a different location. But for someone to get on here and start saying how stupid these parents are, should start re-evaluating themselves. You can’t tell me that not every child in the world hasn’t done something that wasn’t partially the parents fault. I’m not going to keep my kids away from the sidewalk because they “might” fall and hurt themselves. We learn from things that happen to ourselves and from others, that is why they’re called lessons. Thank you to all who’ve been able to write about their experiences- your a better parent for doing so.

  14. Michelle

    One question: would you give your child a sponge with comet, soft scrub or any other household cleaner on it? Because that’s pretty much what MR. CLEAN magic eraser is. Sounds obvious to me.

  15. scott

    Ahhhh, yes….the American way. If something happens…. SUE ‘EM!

    C’mon people…not every bad incident is your ticket to a 30 foot yacht and a house in Malibu.

  16. Eric

    C’mon little sheep. These (ig even caused by the accused magic Eraser) are friction burns, not chemical burns!

    The product is made from BASF’s melamine resin foam Basotect®.

    I agree with Scott. . .the world is lawsuit happy and its costing EVERYONE a fortune!! Get off your butt and work for a living and take responsibility for your actions. Stop lookin for scape goats and free cash.

  17. Megin Hatch

    Eric and Scott-
    I never mentioned suing anyone…nor am I on the hunt for free cash. This post is meant to caution parents about allowing their children to use the product without adequate supervision. The sponges now have warnings posted on them, however, they did not always.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  18. Eric

    In your defense Megin, no you did not suggest suing. However, others who commented did and that was where that was to be directed, not towards you.

  19. Eric

    Oh, and the “take responsibility for your actions” was directed towards ANYONE who sues because they neglected their responsibility. .IE: in this case proper parenting.

  20. Amy Machado

    Why in the hell would u use sumthing like that to get sumthing off your skin?! It’s rediculous, cleaners are harsh and deffinately not for children. If you are going to let your children help clean with procducts that could hurt them, WATCH THEM! How come this mother didnt see her son rubbing this on himself? she should’ve been right there to watch him. Now for everyone else that is mad because they got magic marker on them and deicded to use a CLEANER SPONGE to get it off, what the hell are u mad for?! It’s ur god damn fault, why would u use that on your skin? Thats just stupid! Thats why when people are cleaning they usually wear gloves. So the chemicals in the cleaner dont hurt them!

  21. Bubba

    I let my 3 yr. old son play with a Magic Eraser sponge, and he decided to clean his little body with it. Horror of horrors, he disappeared! I can hear his voice, but cannot see him. It happened 2 days ago. Hopefully, he will get dirty, and I can find him.
    Hummm, maybe they got something there. We could erase a whole army, and make them stealth warriors. Wow! Like the invisible man.

  22. Amy Swanson

    I have read a lot about this whole story and still not exactly positive what is the truth. But I do know that if it was a burn, friction, whatever the case, that child was hurt and we all need to realize that. I read this whole blog and I personally don’t appreciate the cursing and down playing on other people. The point of this is to notify and support. There probably is plenty more things that need to be said about these poor children that were harmed and nobody wants to say it because they will be rediculed. I am personally sorry for that. Maybe people don’t let their children use ‘Softscrub’ or anything to that affect because there is a warning, there wasn’t one on these ‘Magic Erasers.’ I also have looked and now there is one, but not much of one. All it says is to not rub it on you. I do not feel guilty or ashamed, my 4 year old son used them when he was 3. I made him, he drew marker on my wall! Children should also clean stuff off the wall in my opinion. The point is, cleaners may not be safe to drink, eat, get in your eyes but honestly if you think that we should use gloves each time we clean, then why would we clean with those products? I mean if those cleaning products can not be used by my bare hands, they shouldn’t be used to clean my toilet from which I sit. For those people that have gotten their child harmed by this product or any other, are not bad parents, or idiots, they were uninformed. People need to stop criticizing others, but helping others.

  23. Jeremy

    Hey everybody, The sponge may cause irritation (from scrubbing) or a burn or a combination of the 2 on small children because they have very sensitive skin and the sponge is a base by nature. You should also be careful as to what soap you use to clean the area because most soaps are naturally a base and can further irritate or burn the childs skin. Just something to think about if you ever have the problem again.

  24. Kay

    I checked it at and this is a hoax…urban legend….NOT TRUE….go there for yourselves and type in magic eraser and see for yourslef….when you receive these type of emails just go check them out first at before forwarding this nosense on to others…it just takes up our inbox space…

  25. Megan

    What kind of parent lets their kids play with cleaning products anyways??? Even worse rubs it on their chidren’s faces??? The parents are at fault not the company… COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!!

  26. Michelle 2

    I think one thing that has gone amiss in this whole thing is that at the very beginning it was not clearly stated that it was NOT a MAGIC ERASER that was used when this happened to this little was a SCOTCHBRITE ERASER..doesn’t this give the comany a little leverage to sue if they wanted to for it being spread around it was thier product?..i’m not saying it can’t cause the same irritation as the scotchbrite but it was a scothbrite not a magic eraser and i use the MAGIC ERASERS all the time and nothing happened but erasing of marks and stuff and i never used gloves…but i also use gloves whenever i know a chemical is present and i clean..but anyways..i think it mostly had to do with the skin being erased off that caused this because i have seen people with similar marks on thier skin in school when they were playing CHICKEN with a regular eraser…..

  27. MelMa

    I simply want you all to know I’m laughing at every post on here.

    hahahaha, hardy, har, har. tee, hee. ho, ho, ho, ho.

    …laughing at the partents who let their kids use cleaning agents (warnings or not, they aren’t for kids to use); laughing at those who haven’t the vocabulary beyond cuss words to express themselves; laughing at those who don’t read all the posts before posting their own comment, thus, repeating what someone else said; laughing at the bad grammar; and laughing at the people who are smart enough to post something sensible because they actually think others will read it and learn something. The world has too few sensible people….

    Oh, and don’t bother addressing my comment or me; I won’t be back here to read it.

    Thank you, and have a great day.

  28. meg

    You are all fools if you let your kids play with any cleaning items.
    Oh and the apology that was issued by a company that appeared on snopes was for the SCOTCHGUARD kind of magic eraser…not mr clean.
    Please don’t let your kids “clean” with anything other than a rag with water….but I thought people knew this.

  29. Docshear

    Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge. These injuries are not chemical burns being caused by the “Erasers”. They are in fact what is known as a “Micro Dermabrasion” or mechanical exfoliation. They are superfine “Sanded” off. Apparently the pictured child had something on his facial Epidermis ( the PROTECTIVE dead skin Layer) and had the magic maker or some other maker product removed by himself or some other well intentioned person with one of the products above. Once the “EPI” part of the dermis is removed and you are down to the dermis (the raw skin layer ) the skin is very sensitive to every thing , particularly in children because the epidermis is literally thinner. Unfortunately most hand soaps have an oil removing drying effect AND most basic lotions have a bit of alcohol in them to allow the penetration of the moisturizer through the epidermis. So both the soap and the lotion can produce a BURNING sensation due to the chemical irratation of the raw skin and exposed nerve endings.
    I hope this was not to medical. From a single parent who reared 27 y.o. and now married with a 2 month old. Been There.

  30. Dawn

    Why do the men do rational things like look up the Material Safety Data Sheet and the women criticize the mom’s intelligence and parenting skills?

  31. karla

    dermabrasion for $1.87 anyone??? Just kidding Sorry the kids got hurt from these things there seems to be a way for kids to hurt themselves on just about everything thats why God made them so tuff and resilant! God Bless everyone

  32. Jenn

    I am sorry the children got hurt from the erasers but I do have one thing to say. Parents who would let their children use cleaning supplies on things and not monitor their children or not very good parents in the long run. It only takes common sense to know not to let your children use any kind of cleaning supply. If you are so lazy to do the cleaning yourself then hire someone to do the cleaning for you, not let your children do it for you. And not to watch your children while they are doing any kind of cleaning is insane and dangerous. I have three small boys who love to help me clean but I sure as heck would never ever leave them alone to do it and not watch them every single moment they are helping me and I sure as heck would not let them use any of my cleaning supplies. I will not even let them use any of my cleaning rags or anything due to the fact that there is chemical residue on them and could pose a danger to them. It only takes common sense to know this and to sit there and think that it would be safe to wash marker off of your child with an eraser is plain stupid. Hello if it cleans stuff off of your walls and floors then you ought to know that it would be dangerous to use on your children and would be harmful to them. Instead of blaming the companies and the products these parents need to start putting the blame where it belongs, on themselves for not using any common sense. My god start using the brain that God gave you and start being a responsible adult and parent!!! I can not believe how people are willing to blame everyone and everything else for their mistakes and idiotism instead of laying the blame where it belongs. ON THEMSELVES!!! These children would not have been in pain and suffered the way they did if it had not been for their parents and lack of common sense these parents showed. I do not feel sorry for the parents at all only the children for having parents who are so irresponsible as these ones were. God help those children. I sure as heck hope these parents learned their lesson and I sure hope they will start laying the blame where it belongs, on themselves and their stupidity!

  33. Megin Hatch

    Jenn (and others who’ve left comments similar to this one),

    Thanks for visiting GNMParents. I think if you spent time on our site you would recognize that our contributors are wonderful, caring, smart parents. You have clearly missed the spirit of this post, which is to educate parents who may not be aware of the dangers of utilizing this product without close supervision, thereby reducing the number of injuries to children. We strive to be respectful of each other and build a community where we can learn from and support one another.

    I’m sure we would all love to be perfect parents. A step in that direction might be to reduce the judgments and leave constructive comments for each other.

    Such as: I’ve found that my kids enjoy helping me clean as well. I allow them to use baby wipes and wet washcloths. My kids are still learning about helping but there are no risks involved by exposing them to harsh cleaning products.

    Please feel free to contact me directly ( if you are interesting in sharing your expertise within our community.


  34. Dawn

    All of my kids use the product and they are all fine. These children whos parents CLAIM that they have chemical burns probably have some type of allergic reaction to the product and therefore can have an allergic reactiion to many other cleaning products with chemicals in them. I myself had an allergic reaction to a chemical in eco lab products inside of the resteraunt where I worked. Some of you people are sue happy. You cannot sue soemone everytime something happens. Get over yourselves. My daughter is allergic to shellfish, who do I sue for her reaction when we found out? The state or city, or country where the shrimp were caught, the resteraunt where we had dinner, or my husband for feeding it to her? Grow up people, life is nto perfect and people are goign to have reactions to things. Just because one does it does not mean that everyone will. Geez

  35. Dawn

    Also, let me comment to the people who are saying that children should not use cleaning products. Your childrens are the ones who grow up not knowing how to take care of their home or themselves for that matter becasue it was always done for them. If you all were being parents you could show them how to properly use the products and you would properly supervise the child while they are using it. If my child makes a mess, it is his/her responsibility to clean it up. When they do their chores, they use whatever it takes to do them. Grow up people and stop blaming others for your lack of parenting.

  36. Stu Mark

    Not that this comment is about me wanting to be number 40, as I’m 40 years old and one of my favorite U2 songs is 40… where was I going with this?

    Oh yeah, about all the comments. I honestly dig all the different voices, and am so very pleased to see so many folks take their parenting seriously.

    To Jenn, I say this: Not allowing your child to use cleaning products might achieve long-term results that might be unpleasant. While supervision is necessary for any kid and any cleaning product, my view is that you let them do it, and let them learn for themselves what works and what doesn’t. Obviously you don’t want them to guzzle the Simple Green, but let them smell it if they want. It won’t kill them, it’ll just make them cry, which is a small price to pay for them learning, on their own, that cleansers are powerful stuff. Leaving your uninitiated kid alone with a Magic Eraser probably isn’t the smartest thing in the world, but accidents happen to parents as well. Perfection among humans is a harmful myth, far more harmful than The Magic Eraser.

  37. rebecca

    Well said Stu Mark! All of the people who posted on this site have the same intent- the safety of their children. Whether it was expressed in profanity or in jest, the message is the same. So, in my oinion those taking the pious route and using demeaning tactics are simply uneducated and trying to appear as scholars (unsuccessfully I may add). Do not have too much hubris at the expense of your children, be smart, be aware and hug and kiss and love your little ones. Life is too short to attack other parents when no one is the perfect parent…

  38. monkeysgranny

    I feel that kids need to know how to clean up the messes that they make. I have 3 grandkids that clean up after themselves and that includes using the erasers. I am there to make sure that is what they are doing with them not rubbing them on their arms and faces. When they are done they know to put them in the sink and I will rinse them out. They also get to wash the floors with me if they like and without gloves because that is how I do it. I read warnings but I remember when I was a kid with 6 brothers and sisters that was our job to clean the house. Now I am teaching these kids the same thing at least they won’t grow up not able to clean up after themselves. I don’t think most of us canafford maids!!!

  39. julia

    im sorry to all whose kids are injured from this eraser. next time think twice about giving something like that to your kid. would you let your kid shout the laundry or use oxyclean. probably yes if you would let them use a mr magic eraser. it says keep away from children. i would never give my kids cleaning supplies especially without supervision

  40. Dawn

    I must say that not allowing your children to use cleaning product is not teaching them. You should have them clean up the messes that they make adn if that requires them to use a product then supervise them. You are setting yourself up for raising children who have no sense of responsibility because they always know that mom is right there behind them to do it for them. Teach them to be responsible for their actions and be responsible for your own by providing proper supervision and teaching the children how to properly use the product and to never touch it without an adult present. I have 6 children who clean up after themselves and have chores they perform everyday and none of them, oldest being 17, have never ever had any problems with any cleaning supplies including the magic eraser.

  41. enaid

    that’s sad of children nothing do with play something .. THE PARENT are know better commit cause hurting kids natural… i can’t believe that…BE CARE!!! watch repsone support children LQQK i am very tough sake of care and smQQthly .. i am force watch kids by myself propound deaf watch kids 24 hrs than hearing same something!! undy

  42. just looking

    Dawn –
    Enaid said he/she is profoundly deaf. I know that ASL (American Sign Language) does not structure sentances as the hearing world does. We would say “I am hungry”, but it ASL it would be said “hungry me”. I would assume (and yes, I know what happens when you assume!) that Enaid is writing things as he/she would sign them. This causes some confusion for the non hearing impared person. Roughly translated, I think he/she said:

    It’s sad about the children. If they have nothing to do, they will find some way to amuse themselves, even if it is playing with cleaning sponges. The parents should know better. They cause the kids to be hurt (Or, kids are just naturally going to get hurt). I can’t believe that – Be CAREFUL! Watch, respond, and support your children. Look at them. I am very tough for safety’s sake. I am forced to watch kids by myself. I am profoundly deaf and must watch the kids 24 hours a day, unlike a hearing person.

    Enaid, if my “translation” is wrong, please try again.

    Dawn (and others) hope this helped.

  43. Stacy

    Well my mother emailed me with the news flash on the magic eraser. I have to say I was a little taken back by the comments. This is my first comment ever on any site. I had to stop for a minute and ask myself would I ever consider using a magic eraser on my skin. If I had to go to a wedding and my 2 year old got me square in the face with a black magic marker and I had tried fervently with soap and water would I consider using a magic eraser (mind you not having read the news flash) yeah if the thought had occured. I now know that it would leave a red mark worse than the black one but chalk it up to a lesson learned. We all do things before were informed that we would never consider doing after we got the knowledge. Some times what people call common sense is just a lesson they learned sooner than others. I have common sense if I get marker on my face I wash it off that is common sense and using a sponge to do it is not a bad ideal. Now I have a little more common sense because of people daring to share their experience. So thanks to all the common people who saved me from a possible wedding disaster in a far away future.

  44. Megin Hatch

    First, may I say thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. More than that, thank you for leaving a thoughtful, insightful comment. More than that, I hope you’ll join in the conversations more often. The parenting world will benefit from hearing more thoughts from you. (I can’t quite refrain from saying “you never forget your first…”)

    I am amazed by the number of people who find this article by searching out “magic eraser chemical burns” every single day. What is leading them to the search? Have they experienced burns themselves? Have their children? Has their cat? Have they heard a story?
    I found the article I linked to one day long ago when reading through my blogroll. I felt so sorry for the boy in the photo and for his Mom. I have felt the guilt of making a parenting mistake. I related to what this Mom might have been struggling with and joined with her in sharing her experience with other parents.
    It’s not a post about suing or making personal attacks. It’s about sharing information. The spirit of the post is to share knowledge.
    Please be kind, and if you can’t, at least be respectful!
    Thank for being here!

  45. Kristina Edwards

    I think that any wise parent wouldn’t let their children “play” with cleaning supplies but that doesn’t stop a curious 2 year old from finding them anyway. I do feel that companies should take responsibility for things like this. I am quite certain the Megin was not out telling her story so she could receive some settlement but that she has genuine concern for other children. Thanks for your story Megin ….. from one mom to another good luck!

  46. Haunalu

    This IS true! I let my kids use the magic eraser all the time and the other day my son had marker all over his face and my husband thought “why not use the eraser since it takes of pen from walls”. He read the label and it does not have nay warning about burn on kids or anything. My son has burns on his chins and forehead and he was crying and saying his whole face was burning. There should be a warning on these boxes.

  47. Lleanne

    I, like many others found this blog after doing a google search with Mr Clean Magic Eraser. I know much has been said about the hoax information from Snopes. I am the mother of a five year old (a very curious five year old) boy. Personally, I would not allow my son to use any cleaning product without supervision, however it doesn’t make someone a bad parent to let their child use a magic eraser for a minute to remove the crayong marks they have made during their creative art time on the bathroom door, or the living room wall. I appreciate the information that everyone has posted. I am very sensitive to chemicals myself, when my son was a baby I had to wear gloves to wash his clothes in the mild baby detergent, so I understand that everyone reacts differently to the various chemicals and compounds that make up everyday household cleaning items. The Scotchbrite pad used within the article/email was the culprit and the company did leave a message saying they had resolved the issue. As for the warnings, don’t you wonder why they have a warning on a hair dryer with the picture of the bathtub… Thank you to parents who care enough to prevent these types of things from happening to other children by sharing their, sometimes painful, stories with the rest of us. Live and learn.

  48. debi

    Ahem … All you mom’s who let your kids use it already…and are all indigneant and terrified…ummm…. are the palms of their little hands burned ….lets get serious….anythng strong enough to take paint off the wall …a minute layer of paint does com off….should not be held by a child or an adult without a rubber glover….drop the subject already

  49. debi

    Ahem … All you moms who let your kids use it already…and are all indignant and terrified…ummm…. are the palms of their little hands burned? ….lets get serious….anythng strong enough to take paint off the wall …a minute layer of paint does come off if you look at the sponge after….should not be held by a child or an adult without a rubber glover….drop the subject already

  50. Des

    I recieved an email about magic erasers, checked on snoops and it said that the claim of stuff like fermaldahyde (sorry if it is mispelled) in them are false, but that they can cause a burn it apperantly true.

    But I must say if anyone really sat down and thought about it why would you use a product that can remove the stuff they do (crayons, rust stains,…) with only the addition of water WITHOUT rubber gloves or some other protection really isn’t using their god given sense.

    I agree with debi // Oct 2, 2007 at 12:45 pm post.

    Please people start using common sense.

  51. Gramma's girl

    I have raised 3 son’s, babysat numerous boys and girls and have 3 grandchildren. All have been taught to clean up behind themselve’s and help around the house. Never have I needed to use harsh chemicals when teaching the children to clean nor have I used them myself. I do not understand why people need to buy every new chemical product that comes out without understanding the consequences. If the chemicals in the Errasers go on the walls and floors or your hands then the chemicals are going into your body through off-gassing and direct absorbtion though the skin. They are also being washed off into our water systems from which we drink. Chemical tea sounds delicious to me.

    Has anyone ever tried to use natural products, vinegar and baking soda and, God forbid, elbow grease? Let’s protect our children and our environment and stop enabling the large chemical manufacturing companies to profit off of our ignorance and lazyness.

    Yes, I have made mistakes as a parent and hope we can all learn from each other.

  52. lovestosing

    It’s laziness, and why take the Lord’s name in vain. You could have said the same thing and just said ” and heaven forbid a little elbow grease.” I do agree about the harsh chemicals. Lets try some natural products. But lets just drop the whole thing. Nobody cares anymore.

  53. LA Girl

    well I just wasted time that I will never get back form reading the email that was sent to me & now clicking on the link that took me to this site of Mr Clean craziness…I do the product, and no I would never dare use a cleaning product intended to clean walls, floors, windows, furniture~anything on me or my family, thats is just crazy, can we give somoeone a SIGN!
    I own a maids service on the Beach at teh Gulf, Geezz I would honestly never try to clean my kids with any of my products, ~so to the ladies that thought you could clean you kids—HERE’S YOUR SIGN!

  54. ACurtis

    The product is basically high-grit sand paper, and I wouldn’t let my child play with sandpaper.

  55. Sheeny

    This is a product to be used on your home, not childrern!! I have two small children and when they are dirty or covered in marker they get a bath. Parents need to be held liable for the HUGE mistake they make. Allowing your child to be rubbed down with a Mr. Clean Eraser is a lack of common sense and parenting skills.

  56. Angela

    I have used the magic eraser for years and never had and issue with them. I emailed Mr. Clean to get an official statement on whether or not there are dangerous chemicals in these “Magic Eraser” pads and here was my response from them. Needless to say, I will continue to use them and find no harm in them.

    Thanks for contacting Mr. Clean.

    Our Magic Eraser has been thoroughly evaluated and is safe when used as
    directed. Formal human safety approval has been provided for the
    marketing of this product in the U.S. and Canada. As with all cleaning
    products, we recommend you keep it out of the reach of children to prevent
    accidental ingestion.

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are never recommended for use on the skin.
    (This information is on current packaging.) With the exception of the
    Magic Eraser Foaming Cleanser that has a mild detergent, Magic Erasers
    contains no additional cleaning ingredients. When used according to
    package instructions, the product is safe to use and will not cause chemical
    burns. When used inappropriately on the skin, it can cause some
    scraping and/or redness, similar to the effects of a slight rug burn. These
    injuries are not ‘chemical burns’ and should not be treated that way.
    They should be treated as you would any skin irritation, such as a
    rug burn.

    Hope this information helps.

    Mr. Clean Team

  57. heather

    For all those who say why would you ever let your children use cleaning products are jumping the gun a little… When these products 1st came out… there was no mention of “chemicals or products” in them… they were simply called sponges…. So I find it extemely hard to beleive that those of you who say you would never allow your children to use chemicals or cleaners, would also never allow them to use a “plain” wet sponge to wipe something up… Which in the begining is all anyone thought these things were.. “just sponges”…..
    Maybe I am worlds worst mother I am not sure… but my kids love to help clean.. sure I don’t give them softscrub or clorox.. but i do let them use the sponges/paper towels to help out…. And yes.. my son (my oldest) has used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser & others like it.. w/out any problems/complications…. no interactions or anything!
    Just like anything else in this world, food/plants/medications etc… everyone reacts differently to different things & anyone can havea reaction to anything & everything at any given time even if it hasn’t bothered them in the past…
    I had no idea there were such perfect people in this world.. I suppose I should strive to more like them!!!!!

  58. Susan Baba

    My name is Susan Baba and I am a spokesperson for the Mr. Clean brand. Thank you all for attempting to set the record straight about Magic Eraser and the injuries that a young boy allegedly sustained from misusing our product on his skin. I know you are concerned about protecting your family, friends, and fellow readers, so I have provided you with some additional facts about the product below.

    First, let me assure you that Magic Erasers do not contain any materials that could result in chemical burns. When used as directed on hard surfaces, the cleaning effects of Magic Eraser are amazing and safe. Like other cleaning products, Magic Eraser is meant for use by adults only, to reduce the risk of misuse by children that could possibly result in injury. This warning is reflected on all of our packaging.

    The Mr. Clean Original Duo and Extra Power Erasers are comprised of melamine foam that cleans like a mild abrasive and contains no additional chemicals. Our Foaming Cleanser contains a small amount of mild detergent. Improper used of Magic Eraser on the skin may result in mild discomfort comparable to what one would receive from rubbing the skin with very fine sandpaper, but will not cause chemical burns.

    It is still uncertain which specific product the 5-year old boy in the email used, but I can assure you that all Mr. Clean Magic Eraser products are safe, when used as indicated. Thanks again for your concern and we hope this alleviates any concerns you may have. Please help us stop this rumor by sharing the truth with others. For more information, please visit us at

  59. Michelle

    Being the researcher that I am (and mom of 3), I have tracked down and read everything I could find on the internet about these “Magic Eraser burns”. My PERSONAL conclusion for all who trust my ability with a background in science (degree in Biology from Duke University, worked as a chemist for 5 years after
    college before kids) is that the photos are real injuries caused from rubbing the skin with a Magic Eraser or like product. However, they are friction burns (think of a rug burn or a blister from a shoe rubbing, then add sandpaper) not a chemical burn. Magic Erasers work by abrading extremely tiny bits of the surface you are scrubbing, yet they feel soft so damage is done to skin before you know it. As for the “base burn” theory because of a pH of “8-10”, for those who don’t know, a pH of 7 is completely neutral, so a pH of 8 is nothing. A pH of 14 is the strongest pH for a base. A strong acid has a pH of close to zero. Following is a list of pH’s for common household items cut from an internet chemistry site. If you read it you’ll see that hand soap has a pH of 9-10, so the pH of a Magic Eraser is not a factor here. All in all, it sounds like everyone should be warned not to use it on skin! Hope everyone enjoyed their science lesson for the day!

    Representative pH values
    Substance pH
    Hydrochloric Acid, 10M -1.0
    Battery acid 0.5
    Gastric acid 1.5 – 2.0
    Lemon juice 2.4
    Cola 2.5
    Vinegar 2.9
    Orange or apple juice 3.5
    Beer 4.5
    Acid Rain

  60. Michelle

    Coffee 5.0
    Tea or healthy skin 5.5
    Milk 6.5
    Pure Water 7.0
    Healthy human saliva 6.5 – 7.4
    Blood 7.34 – 7.45
    Seawater 7.7 – 8.3
    Hand soap 9.0 – 10.0
    Household ammonia 11.5
    Bleach 12.5
    Household lye 13.5
    Caustic Soda 13.9

  61. Florida Mom

    The article about the little boy getting burned by Mr. Clean Magic eraser – I totally believe.

    A friend emailed me this article today and i couldn’t belive how many people didn’t belive their story.

    This happened to my little girl Thanksgiving day 2004 – we were on the phone with poison control because the box claimed nothing to do with possible burns to the skin. My daughter did almost exactly what that little boy did she put it on her face as well and it look very similar to his pictures.

    My note to everyone is – just be very careful. I was the same way she loves to help and i figured she could help get the pencil of the wall (since she put it there) next we are treating her with burn to her cheeks. Thank god they healed they were pretty grim looking.

  62. Holly

    As mentioned before, none of us are perfect.
    I have a very helpful and curious, 6 year old. I let him use Windex, but that is about as far as “cleaners” go. It doesn’t make me a bad parent. I am pretty confident that my 6 year old will not drink it.
    I think it is very important for children (boys and girls) to learn how to take care of the messes they make. I am raising someone’s future husband, and I want to make sure he can take care of his fuure family.
    I don’t think that using foul languages or constantly criticizing is any help.
    The worst thing you can say to a parent, is that they are a bad parent.
    We are human, and we make mistakes. Lay off the negatives, and make something positive out of this.

  63. thomas

    This is hilarious, it took me more time to read this blog then to find what the “MAGIC ERASER” is made of and what it can do.
    As required by law, the Material Safety Data Sheet on this product must be complete and true as to ALL composition and reaction. The composition has no mention of added chemicals, rather “using on skin may cause abrasions” Hmmmmm. An ulta fine abrasive sponge. Rubbing on skin causes irritation…. imagine that!!!
    But lets explore the chemical burn theory, on face and arms only…….but NOT the hands they held it with to rub this product with. That ‘s strange, not the hands (which would have reacted even more quickly, hence more prolonged exposure). Why is that? Because it was not a chemical burn.
    Wake up people…

    oh , by the way
    In case of skin irritation.Flush affected area with water and apply a cold compress. If irratation persists seek medical advice.

  64. Dave

    of all the comments posted here, 90% were of the same thing!!!
    Good God people, don’t you read anyone else’s posts?
    (And yes, Lovestosing, I mentioned God, hope I don’t go to hell in a handbasket!!)
    I really liked Bubba’s post. He gets an A+ for originality.

  65. Jennifer


    I am an emergency room nurse and the mother of 1. While this makes me no expert on either medicine or parenting, I know well enough that unfortunate things happen to children even under supervision. I know I am going to be the best mother I can be for my little boy. I know very well that I will make mistakes on the way.

    No matter what anyone can say to the parents about how bad their parenting skills are, nothing can compare to their own guilt about what happened to their child.
    People want to put other parents down because parents are coming on here telling everyone they have made a mistake, and will never do it again.

    You want to see bad parents, come with me and I will show you babies with broken legs for unexplained reasons, shaken baby syndrome, dead children because the mother didn’t care where their 8 year old was at 9 at night and he was hit by a car. Barely anything left to identify the body.

  66. wow!

    sometimes it’s interesting to get your kid’s opinion. I asked my 8 year old son to read the original article and some of your posts here. My son surfs Honolua (epic spot on Maui) all the time so he’s braver than most kids and this is what he said.

    “Mom, the parents and those kids are fricken idiots. What da hell’s wrong with them are they mental-retarded?”

    I slapped his hand for saying that but it made me think. :)

  67. MgoodeJ

    Magic eraser safe and effective on rough feet !?!?!

    Magic Eraser has been my favorite product for the last few years, I use it on everything (including my glass shower door which used to be a nightmare two-step process that gassed me out and made me woozy for the rest of the day). So you can imagine how dissapointed I was to hear about the little boy who’s skin was burned. But when I looked at the picture, it looked like he had rug burns. I also thought it was strange that there were no burns on his hands- especially between the fingers. I have very sensitive skin and most chemical products burn me between the fingers, including tomatos and lemmon juice. I feel bad for the little guy, but come on, it looks like he scrubbed his forearms and cheeks with it. I was so bothered by the idea of this product going off the market that I used my fishtank water testing kit (anyone with a swimming pool could do the same test with their pool test kit) to see if it tested high for alkalinity like the e-mail said. Lo and behold, it did test high. However, it tested EXACTALLY THE SAME AS MY TAP WATER CONTROL! Both the tube with tap water only and the tube with tap water and sponge tested identically for alkalinity. I also repeated the experiment for PH. The results for tap water and tap water with sponge were identical again. This means the little boy is either sensitive to the water his mom put on the sponge or he scrubbed his own skin. I guess the latter is true.

    This e-mail gave me an idea- My feet are always rough, callused, and cracked no matter what I put on them, nothing seems to help. A few days ago, I soaked them in the tub and rubbed my magic eraser on them. I have rubbed them for the last three days and they are beautiful! I still have some of the deeper cracks, but they are smooth (almost shiny) and do not look dry and neglected anymore! VIVA, MAGIC ERASER!!

  68. Father of 3, Dad to 5

    Well I have read all the comments, contemplated all the warnings and I just wanted to give a fathers point of view.
    I have a 3 year old girl, 7 and 8 year old boys and teen age step children. They have used the Magic Eraser and have not gotten burns from it. That said, I do believe it will do exactly what the pictures show because I have done the same thing with s simple kitchen sponge. I told them how to use the Magic Eraser and they used it the way I told them. They asked me one day how to get marker of their hands and asked if the Magic Eraser would take it off. I told them to never use anything to clean their skin but soap and water, it ended there and they have never tried to use it for removing marker from their skin.
    They also got bicycles for Christmas and I have gone through 3 boxes of band-aids since they started riding 2 years ago. Not to mention the cuts they got when they used safety scissors and ran their fingers over the edge of the plastic holding the blades in. Oh and the paper cuts they got from doing thier school work. How about the burns they got when they tried to use a pencil eraser to remove a pen mark on their hands. The cuts they get from not picking up their toys, K-Nex to be specific, and the piece broke leaving a sharp edge and a nice little reason for them to holler for me when they saw the blood begging for a bandage.

    I hope we all know that this is the way children learn some hard lessons. My children will do something through reasoning from what they see me do and think they make it better by using something that I used but for a different purpose. My sons would have probably used the Magic Eraser to try and hide the fact they drew on themselves with a permenant marker again if I they hadn’t asked about it before and I warned them not to.

    Great site and I will be returning to read more about other parents experiences so that I have a little more knowledge and maybe prevent something from happening that I might have never thought of being a problem before.

    Monkey see, Monkey do and often it is what they see that they use to figure out things for themselves. If I happen to forget to tell my child not to use something on their arm to try and hide evidence after I used the same thing to remove marker from the floor does it make me a bad parent or simply a human one?

    There should be more sites like this and I hope that more parents will visit sites like this to get ideas and to learn from other parents experiences. The more the merrier because I read 3 books, watched 2 videos and had advice from 3 different people to try and be ready and to hopefully know everything I needed to know before I had my first child. Well it didn’t work because the kids simply would not folow the rules from the books and were not my friends kids!

  69. Crystal

    This is getting to be way too much! Ok, If it can take off scuff marks, it will prob. take off skin..and if you believe its magic, I will sell you a bridge. Brillo takes burns off pots. I have no prob. with letting my kids clean, and I feel it makes them responsable, but come on…like anyone knew that would happen..and who told them to clean their skin with it? I would think if you had them cleaning, you would make sure they knew what they were doing first. (as kids we got soap in our mouths when we cussed, we fell out of tree and would get hurt, but I dont think we ever intentionally ate or washed ourselves with something other than soap) Its not bad parenting, its just making sure the rules are set first and that they understand the instructions….I bet the package says use on walls, floors, ect…not on children. I feel bad for them but They only know what they are taught. (my 7 yr old can brillo the pans no prob.)

  70. Rae

    This is 100% true. Magic Erasers do cause chemical burns. I myself would have never thought, but it’s true. They aren’t going to cause a chemical burn just by simply touching it (obviously) but if you rub it directly onto the skin it there is the great possiblity of it leaving a chemical burn.

    True story: I work at a child care center and one of the employees decided that it would be a good idea to use it on a child’s face to remove something (what that something was I dont know) but I sure know I wouldn’t be using a magic eraser. Anyone who works with or has kids knows that wipes take off pretty much anything (and if it doesnt it will eventually come off in the bath!). But anyway, she decided to use it. Well, it gave the child a chemical burn about the size of a silver dollar on his jaw. He will probably have a scar on his face. I’ve never seen anything like it. It doesn’t look like the little boy in the picture, but it does look absolutely horrible. It was indeed a chemical burn also because he went to the doctors and it was confirmed.

    So, its all true. It might not do this all the time and probably depends on the skin type. But I thought I’d put the rumors to rest and say that it does indeed happen. My recomendation is to just not let kids play with them. They aren’t intended for a child’s use. If you are going to let a child use it, be smart. Obviously, these magic erasers have some kind of “magic” chemical in them because it can get anything off anything!

  71. Dawn


    Come on, please read the posts that were posted before. Also use some common sense. It was not chemical burns it was friction burns.
    Anyone who works in a child care facility knows that they absolutely cannot even use cleaning products around the children, much less on the children. I hope this person was fired and the facility promptly investigated by the state.

  72. Dawn

    I would also like to add something. In response to the blurb that was added at the beginning of the article. You never put something on the internet that you do not want stolen and altered. This especially goes for your children. If the author of the original email did not want pics of her kid and the story all over the place then the smart thing to do would be NOT to post it on the World Wide Web. Again, common sense.

  73. Jennie

    I have read and re-read the comments. I have to agree with many. They do look like friction burns. My 5 & 10 year old duaghters help me with house work and I swear by Magic Eraser. But I have also taught them the correct way to use them. If my 5 year old decides to color on the wall then she can clean it off. I will not stop using them, they clean EVERYTHING! My white leather shoes never looked so clean!

  74. Opencecof


    VIAGRA, CIALIS, PHENTERMINE, SOMA… and other pills!

    Welcome please:


    Welcome please:


  75. Elizabeth

    Thank god there are a few people on here who think before acting. Think people, every cleaning supply says the same thing “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” Who lets their kids just run away the house scrubbing the walls with a “Magic” sponge that has unknown things in it. That’s like saying, oh bleach cleans so well it should be ok to let my child who’s all of 5 years clean the walls with it. Duh people kids are dumb in the fact that they are too young to know oh this has a chemical that could have an allergic reaction to my skin resaulting in skin rashes or burns… you’re the parent it is your job to make sure things like this don’t happen.

    And Amy, who thought it would be a wonderful idea to scrub her child with a house hold cleaner, what in the world were you thinking!!!! Besides the fact that this is just stupid to use chemically based house hold cleansers on your child, why in the world weren’t you watching your kid or why didn’t you have the magic markers put away from her?

    I swear the stupidity of the human race scares me. But my mother always said, you can’t teach common sense, either you got it or your don’t, and well seeing how people need warnings not to put hot cups of coffee between their legs while driving do to the risk of burning themselves then yeah I guess people need to be reminded that you shouldn’t let your children play with house hold cleansers.

  76. Debbie

    I just had to pipe in. I love magic eraser sponges. They DO NOT contain chemicals. THEY ARE MICRO ABRASIVE. That being said, I had the bright idea a year ago to try it on my face (micro dermabrasion!) even though the packaging said “do not use on skin”. A couple of swirls and it started burning like crazy. Took the top layer of skin right off (just like micro sand paper). It burned alright, just like a rug burn would, and only took about a second and a half to take off a layer of my skin. It’s an amazing product, and you could resurface your body with it in about 30 minutes; but seriously, it’s simply a very effect micro abrasion sponge which happens to very effective on skin. There’s no need to wear gloves, just don’t rub your skin or allow your hands to slide around on it when you use it. I love them.

  77. Crystal

    I’m not an expert at anything, by any means. I’m not even a parent, but it doesn’t take an expert or a parent to know that different people can be allergic to different things.

    Who’s to say that some people, especially children, can’t be allergic to the substances the sponges are composed of or the chemicals in them?

    It’s no different from being allergic to poison ivy. Some people can roll in it and not be affected, while others can go into anaphylactic shock if untreated and die from very light exposure to it.

  78. Aly

    I think that any one who has told these parents that they are bad parents should be shot!

    I dont have kids myself but i do have two nephews and one neice. If they make a mess they better clean it up and i will give them the supplies (with exception to bleach) to clean up the mess they made.They if they make a mess they have to clean it up thats what i was taught at least. If you do all the cleaning for them then you will have one hell of a messy teenager in the later years. They wont know what CLEAN UP YOUR MESS MEANS.

    Half of the people on this website make it seem like these parents are horrible people that dont care what happen to their children. KIDS GET INTO THINGS WHETHER THEY ARE SUPREVISED OR NOT! When i was 3 i ran into a wall playing hide-and-go-seek and split my head open. Was this my mothers fault no! Kids get into shit! You cant keep an eye on your kids every second of every day how will they learn to do things for themselves or learn from their mistakes. Yes maybe it shouldnt have been used on the boys body but if a child does something without the parent knowing should the parent be punished NO! it was a simple mistake that i am sure many parents will learn from So what i basically have to say is lay off the mom of this boy its not like she knew what was going to happen and all these people talking about common sense…..Why dont YOU get some common sense and think about how the mother of this child feels having to see her baby in such a condition. I know that if this had happend to my neice or nephews i would be beyond upset i would be hysterical. So next time think before you speak and put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel to constantly have your parenting gone over with a fine toothed comb by complete strangers. No one is the perfect parent and it takes mistake to learn what to do right the next time around

  79. MgoodeJ

    Aly, you sound so upset. Most of the individuals commenting on this topic are not blaming the mother – Most of us are outraged that Magic Eraser is being accused of containing added “magic” chemicals when CLEARLY IT DOES NOT! So many people love this healthy alternative to chemical cleaners, and we are freaked out that it might be pulled off the market. This mom should have run her own tests before making such a FALSE acusation. VIVA MAGIC ERASER!

  80. lora

    In the 70’s in school the popular thing to do was to put your boyfriends initials on your body with the eraser on your pencil. It burned like heck but looked just like those little boys, a really bad abrasion. I’m an independent contractor/housekeeping and I’ve used the magic eraser for a couple of years, and that’s all they are is a great abrasive sponge that you get wet with water, like pumice stone. I’ve used a (wet) magic eraser to remove ink marks from my hands and no problems. In my line of work I use all sorts of chemicals that burn, make you cough and choke and don’t honestly believe there are chemicals in the magic eraser, it’s just made of an abrasive material. I sometimes put in seven day work weeks and use the eraser every day and I don’t wear gloves and no problems. I’m sorry for the little boys pain. And yes I’m a Mom and a grandma but any product that I would use in my line of work would never be handed to my grandchild, only a rag with water for him. I did not buy my box of magic erasers in the toy section I bought them on an isle full of household chemicals, cleaners and cleaning aids that, as far as I knew, was for adults. Please don’t buy something of that isle and give it to a child, It’s on that isle for a reason.

  81. missylafay

    Well i dont believe these magic erasers have harmful ingredients in them however ive heard these stories and maybe you shouldnt let your dumb kids RUB them on themselves.If they do,they deserve the burns and will learn a lesson.

  82. Ridiculouscomments

    You know, you people who make rude and inconsiderate judgments about people you don’t even know, let alone children (calling them dumb and saying they deserve to get burnt), should be ashamed. I am not going to judge you. I only hope you would gain some compassion for others. I just experienced 1st hand the magic eraser issue. I had never heard of any such thing and my 2 yr old who likes to help me wipe the table decided to wipe her face this morning. I grabbed it from her immediately, but unfortunately the damage was done. I had NO idea that a magic eraser could cause a chemical burn, nor did I even know there were chemicals in it to cause burns. There isn’t a whole lot of information on the box (of which I no longer have, but my mother read to me over the phone). My daughter’s mouth and face is all read and blistering, so it certainly isn’t non-toxic like it claims. However, I just learned that non-toxic refers to items you ingest, so if she had swallowed it she would be fine. You can judge me, but I am a normal mom(and yes, I have a college degree) who loves her children dearly and was standing right there when she did it. Those of you who are perfect parents, because you certainly exist , can cast the 1st stone.
    All I can say is, don’t think because something is non-toxic that it is any somewhat safe! Thanks and peace to you and yours.

  83. Tracy Murray

    Hello All.
    I just wanted to say that I dont know what kind of burns this magic eraser causes, chemical or otherwise, but i would have thought the same thing, that it was false and rediculous, BUT I use these allll the time and i love them for everything. So when my 3 yr old son, Alex colored all over his legs with permanant marker, I thought, why not use the magic eraser since it takes everthing else off. I thought it was just a special sponge and NEVER thought it would hurt my son. He cried the whole time I was scrubbing the marker off his legs, but just thought he didnt want it done. Later that night, he had TERRIBLE burns all over his legs and just cried and cried all night. i have NEVER felt more awful than i did at that moment. I hurt my baby and he was in pain. I wish to god I would have gotten this information before I did this so I knew. In fact, I read a bulliten posted on Myspace 2 days later! I know everything reposted this bulliten saying it was some kind of hoax, but I posted a follow up bulliten telling all of my friends that in fact it was NOT in any way shape or form an hoax! I did it, and Ill never forgive myself for doing it. I will never forget how badly I hurt him and of course definitely learned my lesson and will NEVER do that again, nor will I even keep them in reach of him. So, I urge you all, please take this seriously, its no joke! And like I said, I would be just like most people and NEVER believe it to be true unless I had experienced it. As, I do not believe most any of those stupid chain letters on my email, myspace, most of them ARE indeed hoaxes. But I assure any of you, this is nooo hoax and WILL harm anyone who it is used on! If anyone has any questions you are most certainly welcome to email me. My email address is . I would be happy to talk with anyone about my experience and would also be willing to talk with anyone by phone as well. I just try to go to all these websites so I can make everyone aware that it is not a scam, joke, or hoax. Please take caution.

  84. Atlas

    I doubt anyone will get as far as this comment.

    I’d like to point out a few things.

    First of all, I use those sponges at work constantly to clean up graffiti. I do not use any sort of gloves, although I am supposed to. The CHEMICALS in the sponge will NOT hurt you. I have cleaned a ton of crap with that sponge using both some liquid primarily composed of bleach as well as with just water and never have I had adverse affects.

    But please THINK. The sponge is covered in tiny pores, it is practically SAND-PAPER. That is why it is so good at scrubbing marker and assorted other things off of surfaces. It is also gentle enough to generally not scratch our glass surfaces, but I have WATCHED it wear through several layers on our wood tables.


    And frankly, with all due respect, anyone who would rub a cleaning product on a child needs to have their parenting skills evaluated.

    If you think I’m a liar or jumping on a “bandwagon” (and haven’t worked with these sponges since they were released…) then go ahead and check for yourself. Unless of course you also believe that sandpaper has “magic chemicals” that will burn you only when you apply friction to a part of a person’s body, but at no other time…

  85. Atlas

    And you know what else?

    That isn’t a chemical burn. It doesn’t even LOOK like a chemical burn. I’ve gotten chemical burns when I used to work with my uncle who was a contractor. He used industrial chemicals for various purposes (mainly cleaners, but also adhesives and strippers) and I was a dumbass teenager who got it on my hands multiple times.

    Go ahead and google chemical burns. The chemical burns I’ve had generally look like you are bleeding through your skin. Not like you got burned by heat or scraped.

  86. Amanda

    Hi Guys,
    I haven’t read every word of what is on this page, I got as far as people criticizing others for their choices in raising their children and then the comment of hastily sueing being the “American Way”… Pretty sad. I thought blogs like this were put up to help others.

    My husband, a full grown man with normal skin (not the sensitive baby skin so many are talking about) has extremely dry, cracked hands from where the chemicals from the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser have been eating…yes that came from a medical doctor, eating away at his flesh. He was using the “eraser” without using gloves (which is not even suggested as a safety precaution on the box). Even after thoroughly cleaning his hands several times the chemicals continued to breakdown his tissue.

    Just so you know, I am not planning to sue Mr. Clean, even though the doctor whose treatment my husband has been under said he would be glad to testify if we changed our minds. The doctor happens to be a very well know doctor and specializes in reactions by the human body to certain chemicals. He is the leading doctor on a team of medical studies involving a variety of chemical composition.
    For anyone who believes that this product is not harmful for children, you should be so glad that the children have not gotten hurt yet.

  87. edward

    hello all,
    this is my first chat on this site but from reading the negitive posters i will admit not i hated english in school and grammer to me dosent matter in chat as long as you get my point…and let me tell you ….you will get my point!!!
    i started searching the wab tonight after a long night at work because my wife was lying in bed agonizing in pain over a red. swollen and very sensitive neck. she had died her hair and gotten some hair dye on her hands and neck. she uses magic eraser for everything no gloves!!! because according to the packaging(when it first came out) no chimicals!! so tonight her first instinct use the magic eraser….she rubber her hands roughly and the red dye cme right off. so she went to the mirror and wiped it off her neck as well not even using half the strength she had used on her arms. about an hour later her neck was as i had described..
    no i dont want to sue!!!
    i just wanna know what to do to get this to stop!!
    why did i have to read all this crap??
    give information or just read.if your mad and wanna vent..get off line.
    and no you dont have to say just one thing and then go on how everyone but you are idiots.
    my wife is burned!!maybe it was scratched raw and the hair dye is burning her it was in the sponge….duh right?? what about the others cant just say there lyers..maybe there was a chemical on the sponge..they didnt say it was fresh outta the box…maybe once it scratches your skin other things get into your skin and make the burn..but something is!!!
    i read about 30 minutes worth of posts then skipped to the and i liked what the poster above me said as it HELPED ME something other post had not.
    is my wife at fault because she dosent read the label on a product every time she buys it??shouldnt it say the same each time unless there is a new warning sticker on the front!!new comercial or something??
    yes this product will hurt you…adult or child!!!!
    no need to wer gloves but please dont use it on your skin or anyone’s skin!!
    now we all should know that by now..but…
    what should be done when this does accure because it will accure again…
    and yes if she hadent got burned why would i have searched the net for magic eraser burn!! and yes it was MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER not a knock off or a copy cat..the original, mr clean.
    but hey it really does clean well dosent it!!

  88. Brett

    Magic Erasers contain no harsh chemicals. They are, in fact, more like mini sand paper than a sponge. They are make from a microabrasive that helps them to remove those nasty stuck on things, as well as skin. If you have ever rubbed them on your skin, as the children that are shown in pictures have, you will know that the result is much like a rug burn or brush burn. THERE ARE NO CHEMICALS OR CLEANING AGENTS IN THE MAGIC ERASER!!

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  90. Darren

    It is 3:30 in the morning, I cannot sleep. The BURNS I developed on skin from using a magic eraser on my body 5 days ago are itching like mad. Unless YOU have experienced this DO NOT say there are no chemicals in the eraser. I love the Magic eraser and will continue using it but will never use it on my body again. It is not like a simple rug burn etc, I have chemical burns from scrubbing my arms and legs with this product; I repeat the result is not simple abrasion but awful BURNS!!

  91. Joanie

    It’s not just kids that get burned with this product. I use them all the time, so when I got some paint on my arm, I grabbed one and scrubbed away. I have a first degree burn on my left arm. I am worried that it is going to get infected.

  92. rachel

    my son JUST came to me crying saying he had a sunburn on his cheeks. he was cleaning using a similar pad eraser. i was proud of his work… he apparently used my eyeliner drawing on cheeks and naturally chose to “erase” his work. he is 7. we used my facial cleanser then tried to apply a cream which make him cry worse… cleaned that off. now we see. so, yes, immediate red irritation, and he said it burned. i don’t see how anyone can argue what instant reaction occurs.

  93. rachel

    and come to think of it, my fingers are dry. and if i pay close attention, one of them slightly burns. i used that on my wall today before my son took over. had i not read this info, i would have not even noticed i had a reaction. i used bleach on the laundry, just would have assumed it had to have been that. found this site with google. i am passing it along on my facebook to warn fellow parents. parents who love their children and just may not know about this. duh. people need to be nicer in our world.

  94. Lara

    Definitely true!!!!! Not a rumor!!!! My 5 year old son used the magic eraser with me today washing down my cabinets. I turned around and he was scrubbing his arm to get his little tattoo off I said no! no! don’t do that, I took it away from him he only put it on his skin for all of 3o seconds. I look at his arm 5 min later and its bright red and hot. He said it’s burning it’s burning. I was terrified. I washed his arm and called the doctor. Hours later it is still bright red, boiling hot, and can’t be touched. I am furious with this company. It says may cause abrasians but not chemical burns. This was clearly a chemical burn.

  95. Sherry

    This is my first time to this site and all I can say is that I am amazed at all the posts. I guess I am just dumbfounded…..I have read each one of them and they are all so different and yet all the same……I am glad my children are grown. Thank you Lord.

  96. Alyson

    Ok im a mother of 2, and dare I say YES i make my children use these magic erasers to clean up crayon and pen marks they make on the walls… They have NEVER gotten any burns from them… Come on common sense people if you use them and rub them on YOUR skin and not the walls ( like they were made for ) it is gonna burn your skin (sort of like a rug burn) just like a eraser off of a pencil! You may call me a bad mother but I really could care less. Those erasers are harmless if used like they are made to be used!

  97. Sherri

    Im in agreement that anything with chemicals should not be given to chlidren to clean with….if they crayon on a wall, and you are trying to prove a point to a 3 or 4 year old child or even a 6 year old, clean it yourself and punish your child in another manner, like no playtime today or n crayons without supervision works too!

    Anything used properly should not be harmful but I think you miss the point that the packaging should inform parents children may rub it on their skin and it burns!

    And adults with sensitive skin or who dry up using javex, comet etc, definetly should avoid these sponges.

  98. amber

    Eric from a long time ago….my son just today used one to get marker off his face, took him to the hospital and guess what they said??? CHEMICAL BURN not friction….really? there is a huge difference in a raw blistered burn compared to a rug burn (friction burn). There is nothing on the box other than do not eat. someone should sue and not for money but for change to be made for safety of children.

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