I Want A Forever Family

When I hear the words Forever Parents it brings up warm feelings of family , love, and perseverance.

In May of 2002 Lizzie became part of our forever family. Many parents who have been blessed to have added children to their family through adoption celebrate the day their child officially takes their last name.

In our case it was our second adoption. Having adopted Job eighteen months earlier we were familiar with the adoption proceedings and formalities. But this adoption was different. Continue reading


Attached At The Hip

“Can I just have a few more minutes… please?”  My husband is having trouble waking up and jumping into Daddy mode.  He got home just last night from a week-long business trip – the kind where you get to sleep alone in a nice hotel room and go out to dinner with friends after work.  And then there’s the four-hour flight (also alone) round trip to read to your heart’s content, listen to music, or to sleep.  Not that I’m jealous or anything!

I show some compassion and give him an hour, taking our two-year-old upstairs to play.  Most weekends, we like to get up together to start the day because we don’t get to be together as a family very much during the week.  I am aware that my husband and I could be alternating days when we sleep in, each caring for our daughter on different mornings for a couple hours.  The reason this doesn’t work is Continue reading


The Stigma of Infertility

If someone you know is dealing with infertility, chances are you do not know it. The statistics state that 1 in 8 women are infertile and the overall statistic for infertility increases when you include male factor infertility. Infertility is a silent disease (and it is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act).

Unlike other medical conditions, infertility is considered a personal matter of which many couples do not discuss with family or friends. In addition, the debate about whether the desire to have a child is a “lifestyle” choice instead of a “major life activity” continues. Ask anyone who has experienced infertility and they will tell you that having a child is not a lifestyle choice. Continue reading

Breakfast With Baby

Changing Tables, Diapers, And The World (Part 1 of 3)

In raising children, being active parents, educators, and dealing with all the things that come with children, men seem to be missing. Yes, over the past twenty years or so, men have stepped up to the plate and men have contributed more to the raising of children then their parental predecessors. My father wouldn’t even change diapers (so I’m told), where as I seem to be elbow deep in the mess. However, it seems that it is still a mommy’s world when it comes to dealing with children; particularly babies. As a new father, I am perplexed by this observation. I am distressed by it, as I was under the impression that, as a community, Continue reading


Cycles Of Abuse Can Be Ended

A conversation with a friend of mine recently caused me to look back on my childhood and, once again, marvel at the blessings that I experienced. Both of my parents were in abusive situations growing up, ranging from moderate to severe treatment by their abusers. Statistically, it would be reasonable to expect that my siblings and I would have been treated similarly. Continue reading