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I Want A Forever Family

When I hear the words Forever Parents it brings up warm feelings of family , love, and perseverance.

In May of 2002 Lizzie became part of our forever family. Many parents who have been blessed to have added children to their family through adoption celebrate the day their child officially takes their last name.

In our case it was our second adoption. Having adopted Job eighteen months earlier we were familiar with the adoption proceedings and formalities. But this adoption was different. Continue reading


Teaching Appreciation

One of the life skills we all want to teach our kids is none other than “appreciation.” We start with drilling “thank you” into their heads as soon as they can start talking, we remind them on a regular basis how fortunate and blessed they are with the things they have, and in the end, we hope we’ve raised a respectful and appreciative person when the rearing years are over.

Before we had kids, hubby and I did it to each other without even knowing it… appreciation for the other, that is. I lived on my own for 7 years before we got married, and his was 8 months (better than nothing). We did our own laundry, worked full time, and took turns cooking.

After all those years, now came the time for roles to change after our first son was born. I became a stay-at-home Mom and my appreciation comes when he gets up for work to support the family. I know what that’s like since I worked for 11 years before our son was born. I totally appreciate his hard work.

The laundry, however, is another story. I should do his laundry since it’s really part of my wifely duty, but I’ve chosen not to. Due to that decision, he does appreciate it more when I do pitch in and help him. Bingo!! 😉

For some reason laundry is the center of this post, and I didn’t mean for it to be. Oh well.

Now my boys are 5, 7, & 9. All old enough to fold and put their clothes away as far as I’m concerned. So the past year I’ve washed and dried their laundry and occasionally when they got home from school there was a pile on the floor to sort, fold, and put away. Needless to say they were none to happy about it, but did it anyway.

For the first time after a year I took the time to wash, dry, sort, and fold their laundry. Each had a basket full of folded clothes to put away when they got home. I was caught off guard by their reaction, which was . . “Thanks Mom!!” The “thanks Mom” came from realizing how much work it is and that I did a majority of it for them. Hum I taught a lesson in appreciation and didn’t even plan it!

I wonder what other tricks I can come up with and get the same reaction, as well as a sigh that I did a good job as a Mom. 😉

by City Chic On A Farm

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A New Pet

white fuzzy kittenMy daughters are begging for a new pet. Specifically they want a kitten. My husband does not. We promised them we would get a pet when they turned six. They have been six for two months and my husband has somehow been able to drag his feet and we have yet to get a pet.

I was about my girls’ age when we got a kitten. We had a dog, but he was my brother’s pet (at least until he graduated and moved). The cat, Zeke, was mine. Based on my experience, I think that six is a decent age for a pet. I was able to take care of the cat and treat it nicely.

Last week we read a book about a boy who wanted to get a puppy but his sister wanted a cat. The family was having a meeting to vote on the new pet. The parents both voted for a cat so the boy was conspiring how to convince his dad to change his mind. But fate placed a box of kittens outside the grocery store and his sister got the cat she wanted. The sister was a little too young for the cat as she would squeeze it too hard. My girls and I talked a lot about how to hold and treat a kitten or puppy.

I told my husband that he needs to get on board as it is time for our girls to experience what it is like to have a pet. I decided to wait until after the holidays because a kitten and a Christmas tree are not a good combination. I recommended that we hold a vote. My husband stated his should count for four votes. Sorry Charlie.

My hubby and I talked about how much work a dog would be. He thinks that I should be responsible for walking the dog and getting the girls ready and to school every day. Ah no. It would be great if my husband would accept that his children want a pet and come to terms with the fact that it is a cat. If not, come January it is possible he may find a kitten running around our house one day when he comes home from work.

by Kelly Damron

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store called This is my favorite time of year. I love the decorations, the lights and the holiday spirit. This year I am feeling a little guilty I have carried on the tradition of the Santa “lie.” In some regards I have been preparing my children by using the term “legend” whenever I speak of Santa or the magic of Christmas. For example, legend has it that Santa and his elves live in the North Pole. Or legend has it that the Elf on the Shelf (TM) only flies at night when no one can see him. Hopefully we still have a few years left of them believing in the magic of the season.

For some reasons this year I have found myself shopping more than ever. I have found some amazing deals. I am sure I have purchased more than enough stuff that my family isn’t going to want, although it is super cute. Many of them are not going to be excited about the book they are ALL getting as a gift from me. I’m sure there will be some rolling of the eyes or the “she is crazy” conversation behind my back. But is all good, they need this book!

I tend to spend a lot of money on my mom for Christmas. Some years I am better at managing the gift-giving than others. This year is not one of them. She is getting some really great stuff, some of which she really needs. There are a few items on her list that I didn’t get and I am tempted to run out to buy them, but as of right now I am controlling the urge. I have done a fair amount of shopping for my in-laws too. This year I did the shopping on behalf of my husband as he doesn’t have the time so I was able to push a few of my ideas.

It is so expensive to mail stuff so I am going to limit my mailing of goodies this year. Which means some of my friends will, hopefully, be disappointed they are not getting fudge or magic cookie bars. Gotta cut back somewhere. Smile.

What about you? Are you spending more this year or less than you did last year?

by Kelly Damron

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I Love Them. That Is All.

birthday candles in a small cakeAs I write this essay, my birthday has come to a close. My husband is playing a few minutes on a hand held videogame. My children are fast asleep. The cat is doing things that cats do late at night. The day was nothing extraordinary, which made it wonderful. It was probably the best day ever, because it was so simple and in that simplicity, so very perfect.

Tonight, I held my daughter’s hand as she drifted off to sleep. I could almost feel how quickly her childhood is passing by. She’s five years old already. I remember when she was born as though it were last week. My own mother probably feels the same about the 40 “something” years I’ve be around. Sitting there, beside my daughter’s bed, I made myself commit that moment to memory and tuck it away to remember on the day she turns 18 and moves off to college.

Long ago, when I would look forward to my future, I didn’t necessarily see children as a part of it. Thankfully, the universe knew me far better than I knew myself. I have been blessed and honored to share my life with two such wonderful human beings that I lack the words to even begin to describe how much they mean to me. They are not perfect (who is?), but they are my babies.

So, I come here to gush, but not about anything in particular. I gush just that they are. I love my son and I love my daughter; differently, equally. I am so very happy that the universe is so very wise.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

by Rocket Science Mom

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